ZillionInfo Online offers a collection of geo-data analytics services (with patented technologies), which integrate visualization, machine learning and statistics models, to help clients dig into data insights and make better decisions. These services support multiple layer configurations. Maps and analytics results can be published and then shared with others via a link or by embedding.

Visual Data Analytics
Explore your data set by creating shareable maps and diagrams. With our efficient map interface your whole group can investigate and enrich geographic data with various representation choices such as several classfication methods, point representation options, and even a heat map. Our service provides several different charts such as scatter plots and bar graphs so users can investigate data and compare any field from the data set. Use Visual Data to summarize data, reveal patterns, and discover suitable locations.

Multivariate Mapping and Classification
Integrate computational, visual, and cartographic techniques to efficiently explore multivariate spatial patterns and discover complex relationships.

Divide a large set of spatial objects into a number of spatially contiguous regions while optimizing homogeneity measures.
  • Preserve patterns while reducing details and random effect
  • Integrate with statistic models to smooth the data
  • Superior optimization power in maximizing objective functions and meeting constraints
  • Results are completely reproducible (i.e., different from many existing approaches that rely on random initialization and searching)
  • Easy to use with integrated user interface, data processing, and visualization techniques, allowing easy configuration, comparison, and interpretation.

iRedistrict: Automated Territory Mapping leveraging user inputs
Excel in its capability to leverage user inputs (such as communities of interests, existing boundaries, etc.) and powerful computer algorithms, which can generate high-quality redistricting plans that meet both mandatory requirements and user-specified preferences.
  • Dramatically reduce the workload and improve the outcome quality of redistricting projects
  • Share plans within the team and with the public
To learn more about iRedistrict click here.