1.Special Note

Before using the service of this platform, the user shall agree to all the terms of this clause and follow the instructions on the page to complete all registration procedures. The terms under this clause may be changed by Bit and Technology at any time. If the user does not agree to the terms of service and / or modify it at any time, please stop using the platform services.

2.Service Content

ZillionInfo reserves the right to change the services of this platform.


  • Zillioninfo does not guarantee the following:

    (A) The platform services will meet your requirements;

    (B) The services of this platform will be uninterrupted, timely provided, safe and reliable or error-free.

  • The user expressly agrees that the risks in using the services of the platform will be borne entirely by himself; all consequences arising from the use of the services of the platform will also be borne by himself, and the platform shall not bear any responsibility to the user.

  • The platform service does not bear any risk responsibility for the files stored by the user on the platform.

  • The user violates these terms or related regulations, and causes any claims, demands or losses caused by or arising from any third party, including reasonable attorney fees, and the user agrees to indemnify Zillioninfo and its affiliates and affiliates from damages.

4.User Information Protection

  • Zillioninfo attaches great importance to the protection of user information and only uses it to perform verification, testing, synchronization, upgrades, security, providing services or using other user information.

  • For improvement qQuality of service and closer to the needs of users, Zillioninfo can perform technical analysis, organization and utilization of user data without revealing the privacy information of individual users.

  • Zillioninfo undertakes not to disclose or share user privacy information to any third party without the user's permission, except in the following cases:

    (A) In accordance with the requirements of relevant statutes, judicial organs or administrative organs to take legal proceedings;

    (B) To protect the legitimate rights and interests of this platform;

    (F) To protect national security or the public interest.